Monday, August 5, 2019

Playing with Foliage

I had a few pieces of pre-soaked linen fabric left over from Winter School class. Played with them. The next experiment will be foliage soaked in an iron solution (iron nails, washers etc soaked overnight in vinegar) using fabric that has not been soaked in soy milk or tannin. I still like the outcome using wool blanket and muslin.
 Due to the cold weather outside, under the pergola, it took an hour to bring the water to the boil.
After simmering for 2 hours. I left the rod to dry overnight.
 Olive leaves, unfortunately did not work. 
Rose leaves (tannin soak) seem to be the successful print.
 Eucalyptus on fabric that was soaked with boiled water and avocado pips.
 A soft impression of the leaves and stalk.

In between the fabrics I laid paper towel.
The paid picked up the shades of the Salvia.

 Would Salvia work? The flowers shaded the fabrics but the leaves didn't take.

I feel the process would have made clearer prints if I had rolled the fabric tighter.
Due to the lack of strength in my right hand, may have to ask for some help at home.
It is all trial and error and experimentation.


  1. There is a lot of experimentation involved. It seems most plants don't have the effect you might expect.

  2. More questions than answers in this first experiment. The rose leaves are softer, maybe that is why they left an impression and the olive leaves didn't. So much more to explore.