Saturday, August 24, 2019

Paper Printing

Soaked pink, pale blue and white linen in soy milk solution and leaves in iron solution.
Some iron leaves were placed on untreated wool fabric.
I added sheets of handmade paper card to the square block with the soaked leaves.
I will be interested to see how the coloured linen has come out, I feel I need some colour instead of the usual "browns".
In between each paper sheet I placed a square of Glad Bake to separate them before boiling for 2 hours in the large pot.
I was surprised the leaf image printed on to the bake paper. Will try this again.
 My tea bags are round with no string.
Dried them and cut into a single folded sheet. Placed a leaf and with fingers crossed, waited to see what happened.
Inside of the paper page, the single leaf printed on both. The tea bag has come through from the front.
I should have waited until the paper was dry to peel the leaf off, it has come apart in a few parts.
Glue Stick to the rescue. Patience was never my virtue when it come to textiles, can't wait to see what comes out!!!
 The few striped ridges have printed from the wood grain.
After they dry will iron the pages flat and do some mending.
Waiting for the 2 rolls of fabric to dry before unrolling them.
Making a small coptic bound book with these pages.


  1. These turned out really pretty!

  2. Lovely experiments! It is interesting that the image was printed on the baking paper.

  3. It is interesting how every element adds to the final result, even the wood on the outside. They are going to make a lovely book.

  4. I enjoy watching your results but I don't think I would have the patience to do that.