Sunday, August 11, 2019

A Stitch Here and a Stitch There

A weekend with what was described by the weather bureau as an Arctic Blast, across the southern states of Australia, coming up from Antarctica way.
A good excuse to sit inside beside the heater.....or so I thought...we went for a drive to Kyo in Ocean Grove to buy some paper for my book making. Called back via Van Loons Nursery for a cup of coffee to warm ourselves.
 Kyo is a shed like treasure trove store selling Japanese, Indian and Moroccan wares.

Using fabric I eco dyed at Winter School, made the covers for a book and used the paper bought at Kyo for the pages.
Fabric covered the front/back boards and will be Japanese bound.
Adding some stitching to a piece, just for something to do.
I was wondering what to do with the small pieces of leaf printed fabrics.
Using them, I roughly stitched them to hand dyed/printed paper, then added them to the pages of my sample paper book. 

...and that was my weekend of bits and pieces of stitching......


  1. Layering the fabric on the paper is respecting both. Love the textures.

  2. I like looking around Kyo. Even buying stuff on occasions!

  3. Looks like a wonderful place to visit.