Thursday, August 29, 2019

Thinking Ahead

My Stitch Meditation book is coming to an end for 2019. 
I have had it rebound to deal with 365 SM's.
 It is rather thick.

I would like to continue with my stitching each day and have been thinking ahead to 2020.
The lady at the front of store at Target often hands me a catalogue, saying "there may be something you can use in this one."
To make the day pieces smaller, I have been thinking of using small cardboard tags. I enjoy the challenge of finding a paper image with fabric, so may continue on with the idea......
I have found the process helpful for keeping my mind active and to stop me just sitting and doing nothing during the day. Life is far too short....

Finished a Coptic bound book 4 1/2 inches square using kitchen towel paper for back and front covers. The paper was placed in between fabrics when dyeing and took up the leaves pattern

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Sunday Sunshine Yellow

 Canola fields on Werribee's Ballan Road
 Dancing Daffodils at Kyenton.
Lonely dilapidated house on the road to Malmsbury.

Eco Printing

I don't call myself an eco printer as I have not had the experience that others had....perhaps an experimenter needing a lot more experience instead.
I unrolled the 2 dowels and was pleasantly surprised at the images printed.

Roll No 1.
Pink, white and pale blue linen soaked in soy milk/water solution.
Natural leaves with just a few iron soaked.

 Roll No 2.
Thick wool blanket with iron soaked leaves.
The blanket was found at the op shop and a piece offered to each of the students in our class at Winter School.
 Fine wool fabric with iron soaked and unsoaked leaves.
A pop up shop at school were selling beautiful Indian textile fabrics and I bought 1m of the wool. Wish I had bought more as I like how this has printed and the softness.
 Excited at the colour printed. Perhaps it was the species of eucalyptus reacting with the iron.  

 3 pieces, I used ordinary kitchen paper towel to separate the linen fabrics.
They will be used for the covers/lining of the small book sheets printed yesterday.

Conclusion: native foliage works best.
The geranium leaves didn't print.

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Paper Printing

Soaked pink, pale blue and white linen in soy milk solution and leaves in iron solution.
Some iron leaves were placed on untreated wool fabric.
I added sheets of handmade paper card to the square block with the soaked leaves.
I will be interested to see how the coloured linen has come out, I feel I need some colour instead of the usual "browns".
In between each paper sheet I placed a square of Glad Bake to separate them before boiling for 2 hours in the large pot.
I was surprised the leaf image printed on to the bake paper. Will try this again.
 My tea bags are round with no string.
Dried them and cut into a single folded sheet. Placed a leaf and with fingers crossed, waited to see what happened.
Inside of the paper page, the single leaf printed on both. The tea bag has come through from the front.
I should have waited until the paper was dry to peel the leaf off, it has come apart in a few parts.
Glue Stick to the rescue. Patience was never my virtue when it come to textiles, can't wait to see what comes out!!!
 The few striped ridges have printed from the wood grain.
After they dry will iron the pages flat and do some mending.
Waiting for the 2 rolls of fabric to dry before unrolling them.
Making a small coptic bound book with these pages.

Friday, August 23, 2019

Stitch Meditations

 SM 227
 SM 228
 SM 229
 SM 230
 SM 231
 SM 232
 SM 233
SM 234

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Tessellations by Rose Kulak

This afternoon I caught the tram to Johnson Street, Collingwood to view an exhibition at the BlackCat Gallery. 
Tessellation is a collection of  8 botanical contact print textiles, inspired by plant materials foraged from Darebin Parkland and surrounds. The parkland is a 33 hectares area of inner Melbourne bushland through which the Darebin Creek runs. 

 The parkland also contains the Spiritual Healing Trail - a gift from the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community as a gesture of reconciliation.
 Near the start of the trail is a tessellated rock pavement on the creek bed - the inspiration  for the name of this exhibition. 
 Wool, silk, cotton, botanical contact print, hand stitched and mounted on A3 and A4 100% recycled cotton rag paper.
Botanical contact printing is a technique involving plant material, heat and pressure to create a mark on a substrate, in this case natural fibre cloths. The colours are the result of the reaction between the plants, the cloth and sometimes the rust from found objects. 

WinterGarden at Fed Square

A 5,000 Poppies Project
Statements by Lynn Berry OAM

"WinterGarden is a joyous and playful profusion of handcrafted flowers in a riot of glorious colour, and is a simple and timely reminder in the middle of a cold Melbourne winter, that the change of seasons, with all it's attendant blooming beauty, is just around the corner....." 

"Individual blooms, created by hundreds of makers across Australia (and beyond), have been curated into a stunning series of 63 colourful floral motifs mounted onto recycled bicycle wheels in Fed Square's stunning Fracture Gallery art space". 
 "It is an honour and a joy to present this amazing collective work on behalf of our contributors". 

 "So much  colour and so much fun....designed solely to make you smile".

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Stitch Meditations

 SM 221
 SM 222
 SM 223
 SM 224
 SM 225
SM 226