Friday, July 26, 2019

One Step Further - Victorian Quilters

As I was on the other side of the city, called into Bundoora Homestead Arts Centre to view this exhibition. All exhibitions are free to the public.
Built in 1899, the homestead is a magnificent Queen Anne style Federation mansion operating as a historic house, art gallery and cafe, registered by Heritage Victoria and certified by the National Trust. Built on the land of the Wurundjeri people, on property known as Bundoora Park, which means "the favourite haunt of the kangaroo", for the Smith family who were well known the horse racing industry.
The beautiful stained glass ceiling insert.

"One Step Further" is a collection of 29 new works created by leading textile artists of Australia and New Zealand. It explores a range of textile art techniques including collage, piecing , print making, painting, fabric manipulation, dyeing, stamping and embellishment.
A sample of the exhibition and their statements:
 Sea Wall #6 by Sandra Champion
Rusted, burned, painted, oiled, patched and stitched.
"Visitors to the small park in Secheron Bay, near where I live, would not notice the old sea wall. I love its tired grottiness, its many intriguing layers and hidden traces of history that can only be guessed at".

 "Haute Couture Musing" by Fran Batrouney
Boro, kentha, tacking large and small.
"Musing is what it takes. Musing is how things evolve. Musing is dreaming and designing".

 "Sentinels" by Annette Packett
Mono printed borders & panels to create tree limb images, hand stitched, painted, collage, seed stitch  and machine quilted.
"I am an admirer of trees and use trees imagery to create restful, peaceful artworks. A deciduous tree reveals an intricate network of branches in its shape. The colour blue I've used reminds me of wintery days".

 "Waiting for the Billy to Boil" by Lyn Weeks
Eco dyeing - eucalyptus, wood, tea; printing - white lino prints.
"Sitting on the bank of the river, surrounded by the Aussie bush, I can smell the eucalyptus with the billy on the boil, my eyes take in the hanging gum nuts, imagining them in full bloom."

 "On Angels Wings" by Noelle Lyon
Machine pieced, hand quilted, beading, boro stitching and Shibori dyeing.

"Colour and Fantasy". Australia's First Colonial Art Potters 1896-1910"
In the 19th C, Brunswick was the centre of Australia's pottery manufacturing and was accordingly dubbed "Australia's Little Staffordshire".
This exhibition focuses on the Ferry brothers,William and Graham, and Richard Sturrock.
They are considered early pioneers of our studio pottery movement and went on to illuminate and inspire their predecessors. Unfortunately, reflection in the show cases enabled pieces to photograph. 


  1. Good that you were over that way and could pop in. Thanks for the photos, as I'm not likely to get there to see it in person.

  2. Love the roof dragons on Queen Anne style buildings and the colours in those ceramics are eye popping. Thanks for the One Step Further pictures, I have it on my list of things I didn't do this week.

  3. It looks like a wonderful place and a great exhibit!

  4. Sorry to have missed the Show this year.