Thursday, June 6, 2019

Siesta Time

Back in the room for a rest, have been to the laundromat. There is a cool breeze coming in through the window.

The elevator (lift) in our hotel, lots of character. I still haven't been in it, using the stairs to the first floor to our room.
We spent the majority of the day, after a late breakfast, exploring the market.

Love these little hedgehogs.
The usual tourist things have been visited. Spent 2 days on the Hop On Hop Off Bus getting our bearings. That way you get to see sights that are out of your reach.
Sagrada Familia, I noticed that there have been finishes since 2017. It is hoped that all will be completed in 7 years. Unfortunately many of the apartment buildings opposite are to be demolished as a massive stair case is to be added with a large platform area over the road for traffic to drive underneath.

These 4 towers are completed.
With Gaudi's design, the elevator/lift and stairs down, to and from the top of the towers, does not fit in with architecture. We chose a 6pm tour and thankfully the crown had thinned out.
 We also took a tour of FC Barcelona soccer museum and stadium. It was interesting comparing it to our MCG. The surface of the lawn was immaculate and watched the lawn mowers shave the grass to perfection. much mosaic tiling can one man take.....thought it was a nice change for John. 


  1. Love the place you are staying and the food looks very inviting.

  2. It is lovely to see some of the inside of the cathedral.
    The place you are staying does look nice.

  3. The lift does look like the setting for a murder mystery, but the room has a lovely outlook. Your market exploring looks very tasty.

  4. Love all the colours of the market. We sat and people watched in La Rambla outside the market.