Sunday, June 30, 2019

Fibre Arts

Arrived to a chilly afternoon for the week at Winter School. My class is Botanical Dyeing with teacher Lotta Hellburg from the USA.
Our welcome pack from our teacher.

Stitch Meditations

 SM 175
 SM 176
 SM 177
 SM 178
 SM 179
 SM 180
SM 181

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Blue Mountains

Our weekend was spent in Katoomba, the Blue Mountains of N.S.W.
Average temperature was 6 degrees with beautiful blue skies.
Driving through Lawson, we stopped to look at 2 Mary Street.
This was the house my Grandparents owned, affectionately called "The Mountain House" where I spent many of my childhood school holidays when living in Sydney. 
It has been given a coat of paint and a new veranda.
The Three Sisters.
3 beautiful sisters named Meehini, Wimlah and Gunnedoo once lived with the Gundungurra people in the Jamison Valley. The maidens were in love with 3 brothers from the neighbouring nation of the Dharruk people, but marriage was forbidden by tribal law.
The brothers were warriors and decided to take the maidens by force. Tribal war forced the Kuradjuri (clever man) of the Gundungurra people to turn the sisters into stone. He intended to restore them after the danger had passed and the war had ended.
Unfortunately he was killed in battle and to this day nobody has been able to break the spell and turn the sisters back to their natural form.
There have been several versions of the legend and this is just one of them.

The plateau's sheer cliff line was created around 170 million years ago when forces in the earth started pushing the rock strata upwards.
 Lowe Cascade Falls, Leura
 Mosaic restrooms, Leura
 Up the hill to Katoomba
Why are they called 1955 the Town Clerk of the City of the Blue Mountains asked the Department of Physics at the University of Sydney what causes the blueness, the depth and intensity of which is often quite remarkable.
It was reported the haze which appears to surround any distant object is due to an optical phenomenon called "Rayleigh scattering" after Lord Rayleigh reported that rays of light impinge on small particles to be scattered in various directions. 
 Katoomba Falls
Wentworth Falls, we walked many steps up and down tracks.
Fabric pattern on the couch in our room.

Stitch Meditations

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Thursday, June 13, 2019

Stitch Meditations

 SM 157
The Jacaranda are flowering in Barcelona

 SM 158
Flew home Barcelona-Munich-Singapore-Melbourne across several time zones.
The carpet on the transit floor, Changi Airport.

 SM 159
Sunset over Western Australia

 SM 160
Arrived home to green lawns after the rain
 SM 161
Caught up on my SM's.
 SM 162
SM 163

Friday, June 7, 2019

A Last Full Day of Exploring

My suggestion for the day was to go up the mountain to Castell (Castle) de Montjuic.
We caught the metro, which included the vehicular followed by the cable car.
The vehicular travels up through a tunnel to the top.
The cable car overlooking Barcelona.
Sagrada Familia in the background.
Entrance to the Castle.
Montjuic Castle is the result of the alterations planned by the military engineer Juan Martin Cermeno in 1751 and carried out between 1753 and 1779. The improvement, which claimed to complete the defensive structure of the fortress, involved demolishing part of the old castle, preserving the improvements made during the mandate of viceroy Velasco  at the end of the 17th C.

The stonework was a welcome shade to the heat of the day.
Wildflowers growing among the stonework
 Wild geranium

 Carpet roses
A form of thistle

 The castle overlooked the Port of Barcelona, we spent over an hour sitting and watching the containers being unloaded, the Pilot boats and tugs escorting the ships into the harbour and the planes landing at the nearby main airport. A loaded train made it's way through looking like a long caterpillar. We visually followed a truck loaded with vans make it's way to one of the ships. We watched ships doing 3 point turns before docking. It was fascinating and there were NO mosaics!!!