Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Stitch Meditations

Finding images to tear out is a challenge. Thank you to my friends who have passed on magazines etc for me to browse through. I enjoy the process of seeing an image and adding it to fabrics.
SM 118
Front frill of a Paisley dress.
SM 119
Cork platform shoe.
In my younger days, I had a pair like this, don't know how I managed to walk in them.
 SM 120
Denim Jacket.
 SM 121
Queen Annes Lace plant with french knots.
 SM 122
Silk Panel of a Sari Outfit.
 SM 123
Zebra jacket added to fabrics from Africa and coffee stained serviette.
The fringing at the base is the long hair on the model.
 SM 124
Carpet Rug
 SM 125
Wallpaper from a catalogue.
SM 126


  1. Oh Wow! What a great collection this week. Lots of thought about colour, texture and pattern resulting in nine very strong pieces.

  2. You really are viewing magazines from a different perspective. I like the use of the 'hair' on SM123

  3. Very interesting papers.

  4. I think 124 is my favourite, because I love orange, but then I also love the greens of 125, and the little flowers with bead centres on 126, and, and, ...

    Actually I love them all.

  5. I love 125. The colours remind me of great pears which I love.