Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Sights of Budapest

Early morning walk along the river before checking out of hotel.

Traditional embroidery.

Many of the buildings have these beautiful balconies.

Hungarian sausages
 Little Princess Statue

 Beautiful towers.
Crest of the Castle Palace
Castle Palace.
Buda (Hill) Pest (Flat)


  1. After goulash, what I know about Hungary is the stunning embroidery. Thank you for an interesting pictorial introduction to Budapest.

  2. It is a lovely city. I hope you got to ride the trams. particularly the #2

  3. I love that you notice things like the manhole cover, and photograph them for us to enjoy too.

  4. You sure do get around! Beyond the scenery, I love the embroidery and when I see that man-hole cover, I wonder if Japan got the idea there.