Wednesday, May 29, 2019


A long day flying Amsterdam-Madrid-Seville. Arrived late afternoon to the relief that my carry on containing my large SLR camera arrived safely and intact. The airline asked if it could be put in cargo, free of charge and as it went down the shoot realised the Canon was in it and not really protected.
After seeing the baggage handler literally throw it on to the belt from a great distance to be loaded, I was quite worried. All good in the end.

SM 147
Flew over the orange groves and very surprised at how dry the area is.

The city is made up of hundreds of tiny alleyways. You stand in the doorways when a car drives past.
We noticed the pedestrians only walk on one side of the street, the shaded side.
 After checking in we wandered the alleyways and found the way to the Plaza where our 2 hour free walking tour is meeting the next morning.
 There is a very strong Islam and Moroccan influence in the architecture, beautiful buildings in this very clean city.
We stopped for Tapas and a cold drink for dinner about 6.30pm.
The young waiter, who spoke excellent English, told us that the Spanish eat their lunch at 3pm and dinner between 9-10pm.

The weather for tomorrow is predicted to be 38 degrees C.
Very different to what we have come from.
From what we have seen so far, Seville is a beautiful city.


  1. I'm glad your camera survived that treatment! Hard to imagine 38 degrees at the moment when it is 5 degrees here. Hope you find plenty of shady streets to walk along.

  2. Beautiful facades, grills and doorways. It does look very hot, so doing what the locals do and have a midday siesta might be a good idea.

  3. This looks like a really different city to explore and not too crowded. Lots of patterns for you to notice. Pity it's so hot.... time for a chilled fresh orange juice.

  4. Glad the camera survived unhurt. 5 degrees in the city yesterday and only 6 when DD2 was coming home. The last door and knob are wonderful. Hope you survisve the heat.