Thursday, May 23, 2019

Rothenburg to Wurzburg

Declared a Free Imperial City in 1274, Rothenburg's prosperity was abruptly ended by the Thirty Years War (1618-48), after which it became a principal backwater, an architectural "Sleeping Beauty" whose historic value was only recognised again during the 19th C.
Season of Canola or Grape Seed.
 SM 142
The wall surrounding the city, postage stamp and tiled roofs.
 The medieval fortifications still surround the city. 

 Beautiful Tudor style woodwork on the buildings.
Several gates are used to enter the city.
 "Snow  Balls" are left over pastry, rolled  into balls, baked and then dusted in icing sugar, chocolate and various coatings.

The beautiful town of Wurzburg known for it's light white Franconian wines.
The ship was docked here to pick us up from our afternoon tour to Rothenberg.

 500 year old Main bridge over the River Main.
 Kappele (Little) Chapel 
High on  the hill is the Marienberg Fortress that served as the residence of the bishop of Wurzburg until the 18th C.
 Watching the world float by as we sit on our balcony with a cup of tea.

SM 143
Watching the sun go down on the River Main, Germany.

The flowers growing wild on the sides of the loch.


  1. Stunning half timbered buildings in Rothenburg, must be a great source of local pride.
    Love your river photos today and you have captured it beautifully in SM 143

  2. Beautiful scenery along the river. It all looks wonderful.

  3. This part of the world looks idyllic, especially the way you're seeing it.

  4. If that outfit was a bit bigger I could just see John in it!! SM 143 conjures up a scene while drifting down the river.

  5. Really enjoying the scenery. Your SM's related to what you have seen are fantastic.