Friday, May 17, 2019


The capital of Slovakia since it's independence  in 1993, Bratislava was also the capital of Hungary from 1536 - 1784.
Cathedral of St Martin
The Old City is made up of quaint alleyways.
The architecture is of Rocco and Baroque. 

This sculpture is called Man at Work.
 The Theatre and Concert Hall

Hand made and dried fruits with cinnamon.
The area is also famous for it's wines and honey mead.
Local embroideries.


  1. Love the MAN AT WORK sculpture. Lovely

  2. The dried fruit arrangements are as ornate as the architecture!

  3. I couldn't work out the sculpture hanging off the side of the concert hall. Then I realised you had captured a pigeon coming in for landing!
    Lots more variety in the buildings here compared with Budapest, good to see you are keeping up with your interest in doors.

  4. A man hole cover? They convey so much when portrayed cleverly.