Monday, May 27, 2019


SM 145
Modern Cologne
Cologne railway station.

Arrived in Amsterdam. Very lucky as the return cruise which leaves Tuesday may not get through as the river is in flood towards Budapest.
 Amsterdam railway station
We wandered after lunch with Cecile and Larry
 Bikes, bikes and more bikes
Tulip bulbs, bulbs and more bulbs.

SM 146
Clog making, they are made one size bigger than the foot as thick socks are worn.
As the area was always under water they were made to keep feet dry.
European willow and poplar are used.
Wild buttercups.
Chocolate moulds
Last of the tulips, missed them flowering by a week.

A visit to Edam, home of cheese making.

 Traditional homes along the canal in Edam.


  1. Did John recognise the bulbs?
    It all looks very pretty now that the sun is out again.

  2. At least you saw a few tulips. It is interesting that they are selling bulbs at this time of year. Are you meant to plant them now and have late flowers, or keep them until next year, I wonder?

    The windmills look beautiful. I presume they are just tourist attractions now rather than actual working mills?

  3. Amsterdam is on my bucket list! What a wonderful trip.

  4. Will we see you wearing clogs at Winter School?

  5. I am just loving where you have been. Now I want to go even more.

  6. Love this SM. Clogs, Tulips, cheese, chocolate and windmills. What a fabulous day out.