Monday, May 6, 2019

A Sunday Stroll....

....down Brunswick Street.
 I saw this hand symbol all through Morocco when I did the textile tour.

 Autumn is upon us. A lovely casual stroll in the afternoon sunshine.
 Called into Kami, a beautiful stationary shop where I bought a sheet of Nepalese paper for my class at Winter School in July.
 One of the many cabinets of drawers of Japanese, Nepalese, Chinese and handmade papers.
How do you decide???

 Love the colour of this bike.

The nursery where this chair is called "A Gin and Tonic Chair" and is for sale.


  1. Brunswick St was my local shopping area when it wasn't trendy at all. Although "trendy" is probably a dated term now and Brunswick St is presumably occupied by hipsters, not trendies.

  2. Looks like an interesting day out. How does the cost of the Japanese paper compare between Australia and Japan?

  3. The scribbled all over building looks fantastic. I tried to follow the lines to see if it could be a quilting pattern, but it seems to be overlapping units that stop and start.
    Not surprised you are back at the paper shop.

  4. I have a friend who needs that chair. I'll send her the link. She will have a laughing

  5. I liked the building picture too. What an interesting town!

  6. What a wonderful city in which we live.