Wednesday, May 15, 2019

A Little About Budapest

An "s" in the Hungarian language is pronounced as "sh", therefore the city is called Budapesh.
The kingdom of Hungary came into existence with the coronation of King Stephen I in 1000.
The Buda hills provide magnificent riverside settings for it's historic buildings while the wide boulevards of Pest are noted for grandiose 19th C architecture.
The 2 cities were joined to make the capitol in 1873 are now linked by 8 bridges.
The vast Castle Palace dominates Buda Hill and houses the Hungarian National Gallery and National Library, also the beautiful Church of St Matthias. 
The population is mainly Roman Catholic with 1% Jewish.

 Church of St Matthias
The church is named after the King who initiated it's on going renovation and neo-Gothic restoration  in the 19th C. Originally dedicated to the Virgin Mary, it was begun in the 13th C to replace the house of worship destroyed by the Mongol invaders in 1924.
It was also the venue for the coronation of several  Hungarian monarchs.

On the opposite side of the river stands the magnificent Parliament Building with it's dome of over 310 Feet high.


 Museum of Fine Arts

 Museum of WW1


  1. Oh my, if one could live on scenery, this would be aa good place to do it. Thanks for the views.

  2. Beautiful patterns on the church, particularly on the roof. That door is amazing, too!

  3. Wonderful architecture and another manhole cover to add to my collection. Is it hand embroidery?

  4. Love all the decorative elements in and on the church.
    Thanks for more beautiful embroidery pictures. Has a little piece found its way into your bag?

  5. Churches have so much history to convey. Great information thanks Jenni. Lovely doors and a man hole cover. Wish we did some interesting man hole covers here.