Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Linen Stitching

I love the feel of linen and fabrics that have a weave which frays.
The stitching is not planned, go with the flow and whatever takes my fancy at the time.
Finding it very relaxing especially the non-perfect aspect.
 The piece, crooked or out of shape, no longer worries me.

 I cut a strip the length of the fabric and each day do a little bit of stitching on it.
Adding fabric scraps and old tea towel strips. Pieces of old stained doilies will also be added.
When finished, trim and line the back finishing with a thin binding on the edge.
I will add to the length with various strips and eventually it will be rolled up.
 Teabag paper covered with beige organza before simple stitching.
I love old threads and wooden cotton reels.
Found the 2 spools of Patons thread in a junk shop.
Keeping an eye out for more.


  1. Such creative stitching! I like it very much.

  2. Your work is always so creative - you make the material shine!
    Great bobbins of thread.

  3. That big wooden spool is amazing. I haven't seen one quite like that before. I'll keep an eye out for old threads like those for you in my junk-shop travels.

  4. Adding your own story to these old textiles is a wonderful idea. The linen thread is a great find.