Saturday, April 20, 2019

A Saturday of Retail

Called into the Creswick market on our way to Smythesdale, a friend told me about an Antique store there that I may be interested in. Thank you.
 A beautifully restored Chevrolet car sitting beside the bakery stall. 
Bought a loaf of sourdough bread. 
The leaves are turning with the middle of Autumn upon us. 
 Interesting store, as they say "one man's trash......

 My friend has kept an eye out for threads for me.
 I bought these 2 reels of cotton for my stitching and book binding.
 There were some beautiful Manchester pieces and a large pile of handkerchiefs.
I wish I had stopped to go through the hankies, the linen ones were lovely.
 Sat outside at the cafe next door for a coffee, loved the 3 old rusted spring mattress bases that were attached to the corrugated iron wall with creepers growing up.
There is something wonderful about old raw and rusted metal.

Colours of Autumn.


  1. Some good finds here. The sewing machine is from 1924, a bit of a classic, like the car.

  2. Beautiful autumn colours on that tree in Creswick. Glad you found something to buy after travelling all that way to Smythesdale!

  3. Looks like an interesting place.

  4. I agree, an interesting shop. Was it hard to choose only two spools of thread? I love the looks of those two trays of thread spools.

  5. Interesting town. Just not as well known as Daylesford. Thanks for the photos.

  6. I wonder from whom the threads came. Sad toothink it could be from somebody no longer able to enjoy making things any longer.