Monday, April 29, 2019

Stitch Meditations

Continuing with torn paper images.
 SM 111
Easter Sunday with Black Forest cake filled with raspberries and cream.
 SM 112
Wheat field.
 SM 113
 SM 114
 SM 115
ANZAC Day , poppies and rosemary.
 SM 116
SM 117
Busy Bee.

Colours of Autumn

Autumn is upon us and the changing of the leaves are under way.

 The leaves are slowly changing...

Newly ploughed fields of terracotta browns.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

The Krystyna Campbell - Pretty Fashion Gift

This exhibition explores the world of haute couture and Parisian fashion, from the late nineteen century to the twenty-first century.
It exhibits over 200 garments at the NGV (free entry) and archive works from the extensive Fashion Research Collection comprising hundreds of designers sketches, workbooks, photographs, journals and fashion magazines.
 Christian Dior, Paris
Village Party cocktail dress 1955

YSL established his own fashions in 1961 through to the late 70's. He took inspiration from menswear, the streets and art history. These included the safari jackets and the tuxedo suit for women.
 Alexander McQueen knew from an early age that he wanted to be a designer. In October 1996, aged 27, after already having designed 8 collections, he was appointed designer-in-chief at Givenchy in Paris.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Stitch Meditations

I am still finding images to tear out of catalogues, brochures and magazines.
A few friends have passed on what they have, it is exciting to go through the pages, but it is a challenge finding fabrics to match.....especially when my stash is quite minimal.
I am determined to only use what I have.
 SM 104
Torn image to represent tree bark.
 SM 105
Winter wonderland.
 SM 106
Torn label from a wine bottle.
 SM 107
Carpet rug added to Japanese taupe fabrics.
 SM 108
Image of lime flavoured sparkling water.
 SM 109
Bullnose veranda.
SM 110
Sunset with Becky's silk fusion and tyvek bead.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

By the Seaside

Easter Sunday was spent with the family, taking Harvey for a walk after lunch along the foreshore near our home.
Despite it being a warm afternoon, it was overcast and sadly the few sprinkles of rain didn't even leave it's mark on the concrete.
 Mouth of the Werribee River.

The You Yang mountains in the distance. It is because of this range that we receive little rain as it separates and heads out to Port Phillip Bay.
The ranges are a series of granite ridges that rise to 319 m above the Werribee Plain approximately 55 km south-west of Melbourne and 22 km north-east of Geelong.

 Harvey's first sighting of a boat, he was fascinated.
Happy Easter to all, the bunny brought me some tulip bulbs.

Saturday, April 20, 2019

A Saturday of Retail

Called into the Creswick market on our way to Smythesdale, a friend told me about an Antique store there that I may be interested in. Thank you.
 A beautifully restored Chevrolet car sitting beside the bakery stall. 
Bought a loaf of sourdough bread. 
The leaves are turning with the middle of Autumn upon us. 
 Interesting store, as they say "one man's trash......

 My friend has kept an eye out for threads for me.
 I bought these 2 reels of cotton for my stitching and book binding.
 There were some beautiful Manchester pieces and a large pile of handkerchiefs.
I wish I had stopped to go through the hankies, the linen ones were lovely.
 Sat outside at the cafe next door for a coffee, loved the 3 old rusted spring mattress bases that were attached to the corrugated iron wall with creepers growing up.
There is something wonderful about old raw and rusted metal.

Colours of Autumn.