Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Stitch Meditations

Torn paper images added to fabrics.
 SM 77
 SM 78
 SM 79
 SM 80
Image of a vineyard turned on side to represent a leaf.
 SM 81
Image of Autumn walk between the trees.
 SM 82
Image of Olympic swimming pool
 SM 83
Image of bridge trusses.
SM 84
Silk fusions from Becky added to Chiffon scarf fabric.
Torn image of iphone screen.
John and I had a wonderful meet up with a member of the Stitch Meditation group that I belong to. Becky and Scott are from the USA, who have been holidaying in Australia.
I made Becky a book and a SM.
 Front cover
Back cover
SM depicting Melbourne overlooking the Botanical Gardens,
wattle our national flower and a stitched gum leaf.
I was given a beautiful hand dyed scarf, scraps of silk fusions/papers and handmade tyvek beads.


  1. SM 78 is my favourite because of the stitching.
    It is great to put a face to a name, isn't it?

  2. No. 80 is very clever.
    Have you thought to make it a stitch Sampler as well. Each day add in a different/new stitch to you.

  3. There is such beautiful movement and colour combination in your SMs.
    Lovely gifts!

  4. And all your colors are just shimmering!

  5. Your book for Becky looks lovely with the gum flowers and leaves. And a very appropriate stitch meditation.

  6. Beautiful book and a very Melbourne SM for Becky.
    Lots of lovely stitching detail in this collection.

  7. Fantastic! You are so very creative. You are the first stitch meditationist I have knowm about. I didn't know there were groups.

  8. So exciting that you have met up with Becky.