Friday, March 29, 2019

Change of Beds

What we have been doing this past week. 
Our front garden is 40 years old and looking extremely ragged and tired from this past summer. The lawn is brown from lack of rain, we decided not to use up our precious tank water on it.
I love cottage gardens but we have decided at our age to keep the new garden simple with some colour. 
Pulled up 120+ daffodil and jonquil bulbs, then sat on the front step and cleaned them.
I am hoping by doing this they will be alright and flower this spring.
Bearded Iris trimmed, roots cut back according to a volunteer at Rose Garden who is in the Iris Society.
 Also pulled up many bulbs from the Amaryllis family (Amarcrinium Howardii).
They were originally from my parent's garden, not sure if they will re grow and flower.
Doesn't hurt to give them a try!!!
 3 new standard roses and creepers. "Double Delight", "Seduction" and "Gold Bunny"
I have re-planted the Bearded Iris' and 100+ bulbs in this bed. Need more bark to finish.
Bed number 2 being cleared out.
Didn't get as many bulbs as the other bed.
Easter project - The front garden and lawn will also be re-done with a new retaining wall built.


  1. You have been busy!

    The amarcrinum bulbs look healthy, so there doesn't seem to be any reason why they wouldn't grow again. It's worth giving them a chance, anyway!

  2. Loved reading about all your hard work in the front garden.

    My iris need a lift and soil replenish and your trimming provides a good lesson.

  3. Wow! You both have been very busy. I am looking forward to seeing it in Spring. John and you can come and work on my front garden anytime!!!!

  4. Such a lot of work however the result will be stunning. Love a garden that has less continual upkeep.