Sunday, March 3, 2019

Blue and White in Coolness

Due to the temperature, over the weekend reaching 39 degrees C in our area, I sat under the air con and played with paper.
From the Blue and White shop in Tokyo, I bought a little book. It had small pieces if indigo coloured fabrics on each page. I added extra to the pages with the same colour theme.
I finally realised the shop was above the street via the escalator, it pays to look up.
 Image cut from shop paper bag.

 One of the Sashiko pieces from my stash.

 BORO piece I had made a while ago.
 I was given this postcard at the Amuse BORO museum.

 Cut from the paper bag where I bought sheets of paper in Ginza.

 Cut paper

One of several images from the shop bag.


  1. All those blues and whites look very cool on a hot day.

  2. Now it is very personal souvenir from your trip.

  3. Very pretty! Blue is my favorite!

  4. A great activity while keeping cool.