Friday, February 8, 2019


I have added to my collection of papers and writing pads.

 I bought this handmade book at Blue and White.
I would like to add some extra Japanese fabrics and mementos to the small swatches that are already in it. 
 These sheets are for the inside of the covers of my books.
 I bought the indigo blue and white sheet of paper to go with the writing pad.
I will take the sheets apart to make a Japanese bound book.

 Some of the sheets in the writing pad.

Couldn't go past these 2 tiny coy fish made with kimono fabrics.
I found a small seal with the name Jennifer written in Japanese.
My main mission of purchasing was to find and buy a screw punch for my book making.
Mission accomplished....that was all I wanted apart from some paper and a few postage stamps.
You can't buy friendship and my day of catching up was worth it's weight in gold.


  1. The little fish are very sweet! I would find them irresistible, too. I love the designs in the notepad.

  2. Happiest looking dragonflies. You have some lovely materials now for the next book.

  3. Blue and White has a lot of things that are hard to pass up. Even the envelope they put purchases in has charm.

  4. Such a variety of designs. Looking forward to seeing some of them in your work.

  5. You found a wonderful assortment of papers!