Monday, February 25, 2019

Lotus and Waterlilies

Despite being a hot afternoon we called by the Blue Lotus Water Gardens.
Not enough time to visit the 5 hectares of landscaped water gardens, leave that for another time.
I wanted to check out the nursery for the purpose of having a water feature bowl in my garden. I was given some lotus seeds but unfortunately they did not germinate.

Situated in the Yarra Valley, the garden boasts thousands of beautiful waterlilies and exotic lotus flowers. The Cochrane family has owned the property for more than 40 years. They began by growing vegetables, including Chinese cabbage as a market garden. 
Down the track they decided to create an amazing water garden which opened in 2006.
It features ornamental lakes, ponds, bridges, fountains, sculpture and walking trails.



  1. Beautiful flowers! I haven't ever been there, so I enjoyed seeing it through your camera. That peach-coloured waterlily is amazing, I haven't seen one that colour before.

  2. An amazing place run by real enthusiasts. Hope you found some inspiration for your garden.

  3. Lotus are beautiful. Certainly looks worth a second visit!

  4. Those water lilies are just beautiful

  5. There is a lovely garden near a temple here that has an indoor area of lotus and water lilies. Great for getting close and personal photos. I love yours.

  6. What a variety of water lilies! I remember visiting a special garden in the next prefecture to view the lilies but we had to get there early in the morning.