Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Book Binding

A couple of hours spent binding a book from the paper I bought in Tokyo last month.
I used the Japanese Tortoise Binding method with waxed sashiko thread.

 I used the sheets from the writing pad I bought at Blue and White Shop.
Washi paper for the inside cover.

The papers were very tough and my needle became bent with a squashed eye.


  1. Oh wow. What sort of needle were you using. It would have to be tough..

  2. Awesome result, but boy, how you, and your needle, must have struggled!

  3. Binding and papers are beautifully combined. The needle brings home the effort required.

  4. Beautiful book Will the needle be displayed in an MM. It deserves to be highlighted after all the work you did with it!

  5. Poor needle! I think I would have used an awl to prepare the way. The resulting book is awesome though.