Saturday, February 2, 2019

Area of Ginza

Ginza is an area lined with modern luxury brand stores such as Chanel, Gucci, Mikimoto and casual fashion stores as Zara, Uniglo etc. I caught the subway from my station of Nihombashi, to Ginza Station and the exit brought me to the front door of the stationary shop. 
 I contributed to the Japanese economy by buying some paper for my books. 
 I was also looking for a Japanese Screw Punch for the making of holes in the pages.
The elderly gentleman at the shop pointed me in the direction of Itoya, another stationary store, just up the road. I found it there.
The facades of the stores were interesting.

This I thought would make a lovely art quilt.


  1. Lots of inspiration in those facades. You seemed to get around to everywhere you wanted to go with ease, and a little kindness from strangers.

  2. You would be loving it there with those facades. I can imagine all the photos thought are being taken. I'm sure you would have purchased many papers as they have lovely designs and qualities. Keep on enjoying.

  3. Well done finding the screw punch! A useful tool is a good souvenir of your trip.

    The facades of the shops are amazing works of art.

  4. The building cladding on the fourth from last Photo reminds me of the same type of finish on the building at Eastland. It's amazing how a plain buildings can have such different finishes to make them fit in with the enviroment and enhance the general area in which they are situated.