Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Book Binding

A couple of hours spent binding a book from the paper I bought in Tokyo last month.
I used the Japanese Tortoise Binding method with waxed sashiko thread.

 I used the sheets from the writing pad I bought at Blue and White Shop.
Washi paper for the inside cover.

The papers were very tough and my needle became bent with a squashed eye.

Monday, February 25, 2019

Stitch Meditations

 SM 47
Torn paper, painting of a hot dog.

 SM 48
All Saints wine label.

 SM 49
Torn paper of chairs against a bar counter.

 SM 50
Torn paper of architecture from an article of Berlin.

 SM 51

 SM 52

 SM 53
Torn paper of bath  towels.

 SM 54

SM 55
Torn paper of an inverted evening skirt.

Lotus and Waterlilies

Despite being a hot afternoon we called by the Blue Lotus Water Gardens.
Not enough time to visit the 5 hectares of landscaped water gardens, leave that for another time.
I wanted to check out the nursery for the purpose of having a water feature bowl in my garden. I was given some lotus seeds but unfortunately they did not germinate.

Situated in the Yarra Valley, the garden boasts thousands of beautiful waterlilies and exotic lotus flowers. The Cochrane family has owned the property for more than 40 years. They began by growing vegetables, including Chinese cabbage as a market garden. 
Down the track they decided to create an amazing water garden which opened in 2006.
It features ornamental lakes, ponds, bridges, fountains, sculpture and walking trails.


Saturday, February 16, 2019

Stitch Meditations

Flicking through magazines and catelogues to find paper to tear.
I choose the paper and then choose fabrics to go with it.
 SM 40
Paper torn from a survey spreadsheet
 SM 41
 SM 42
Paper from a curtain catelogue.
 SM 43
Advertisement for bottled sparkling water.
 SM 44
Chinese restaurant guide.
 SM 45
Valentines Day, advertisement for a Northern Territory bus tour.
SM 46

Friday, February 15, 2019

A Day of Exhibitions

Spent the morning at the NGV viewing the Julian Opie exhibit.
He is one of Britain's leading living artists, whose work has influenced the wider field of popular culture more than that of any other artist of his generation. 
A wide range of subjects, rendered in painting, sculpture and film.
 View of the Moon Over Manatsuru Peninsular.
 Water Pump
Several of his works moved in animation. The water pump wheel turned in circles.

 A cool morning became quite warm.

2nd exhibition was at the State Library of Victoria viewing "World of Book".
An exhibition worth seeing on the 4th floor of the library.

  • Books and ideas – medieval manuscripts and early printed books, sacred texts from around the world and from different religious traditions, alongside books that changed the world, including key works of philosophy and political thought
  • Books and imagination – famous works from the literary canon (such as the legends of King Arthur and the works of Geoffrey Chaucer), modernist classics by Gertrude Stein, children’s books, Australian authors, 1930s sci fi magazines, and Australian pulp fiction
  • Exploring the world – atlases, maps and travel journals from European voyages of discovery from the 16th century onwards, with a special focus on Australia and the South Pacific region; and richly illustrated works of natural history
  • Art and nature – botanical art and landscape design from the 16th century to today, drawing on works by key artists, designers and botanists, such as Pierre Joseph Redouté, John Sibthorp, Humphry Repton, Edna Walling and Frank Lloyd Wright
  • Artist and books – including fine bindings from the John Emmerson Collection, Japanese woodblock printed books, magnificent engravings of ancient Rome’s ruins by Giovanni Battista Piranesi, and contemporary Australian graphic design and artist books. 

 While the original purpose of binding books was to protect their pages, the art of fine bookbinding transformed books into objects of beauty. French bindings of the 18th C are celebrated as representing the peak of traditional  binding crafts. 
 Marbling, the art of printing multi-coloured patterns on paper or fabric, was practiced in Japan by the 12th century. It was in use in Turkey and Persia by the 15th C before spreading to Europe.

Healing Scrolls.
 Pattern inspiration on 2 buildings.