Sunday, January 27, 2019

Tokyo Quilt Festival At Tokyo Dome

I had a wonderful day at the quilts especially made by catching up and spending time with Queenie, Tanya and Julie. They made me feel so welcome. I follow their blogs and 2 years ago bumped into them at the Quilt Festival. It was so exciting to actually meet them in person in 2016 and we still check on each others blogs and email.
I learnt so much about the Japanese way of life today from them. Thank you.
(Tanya I wore the beanie you knitted on the way back, the wind was very cold, it kept me warm, thank you)
Queenie, Julie and Tanya.

A few of the quilts that took my eye. The standard of work was exceptional on the many varied theme of quilts. My apologies re the makers etc, as they were written in Japanese. 


  1. Fantastic that you could meet up with your friends in person again! The show looks very busy. Thanks for the photos of some of the quilts. Such beautiful work!

  2. Everything has fallen nicely into place. The festival looks huge, quite overwhelming. Such intricate work in all the quilts. Very Japanese.

  3. THANK YOU for coming all the way to Tokyo to join us for a day of fun, friendship and beautiful quilts.

  4. It looks like you are having a wonderful time. So nice to catch up with friends

  5. What a wonderful day spent ... not only viewing great quilts, ... but among a warm group of friends! Thank you for joining us... not just in passing, but for the whole day. I am planning to use my little book to record real life meetings with blogging friends ... things beyond what my paper quilt diary contains. Thanks so much for everything.

  6. Looks like the quilts were very different and interesting. Going again next year on the free return flights offered by Jetstar?

  7. I’m glad you could make use of the cap!

    You took some great picture of some quilts that missed! How did that happen!

    Thank you for your beautiful book and for your friendship these past couple years. I hope we can persuade you to come back to Japan again!

  8. Wasn't the show wonderful? Hope you can come back to Japan again!