Saturday, December 29, 2018

The Dam is Low

Our weekend drive took us to Walhalla approx 2 hours from home in Gippsland north of Moe. 
The old gold mining town with a now population of 20 was founded in late 1862 where it was once populated with around 4,000 residents. 
 Walhalla Star Hotel opposite the Bandstand.
 Interesting wall of this building, as it is close to the Baw Baw Ranges snow fields it is adorned with snow skis and apparatus.

On weekends, the Lone Piper climbs to the top of the mine to play for the visitors of the town.

 The beautiful old Post and Telegraph building.
 Restored Elliot's Live and Let Live Bakery.
 Collection of old suitcases at the local railway station.
 Interesting local cemetery on the side of the hill.

 The Fire Museum.
 Wild foxgloves.
 The Walhalla Goldfield Railway crossing the Thomson River.
Thomsom River Dam.
In the early 80's when I worked for the Geology department of the MMBW, I was sent for 2 weeks to the dam as it was being constructed. I worked in a little hut at the bottom of the dam drawing the geological plans. Sadly the dam has not fulfilled it's maximum storage. 


  1. Lovely photos. I'm not sure I've ever been to Walhalla - or maybe I was there once in my teens.

  2. When I went from Traralgon as a child it was a ghost town. Tourism has made a big difference as your beautiful photos show.

  3. Lovely place with special memories for you.