Monday, December 31, 2018

Stitch Meditations

 SM 362
Curtain fabric background with added colours of trees.
 SM 363
Japanese fabrics squares.
 SM 364
Soft and quiet colours
 SM 365
Chiffon scarf background.

 My year long challenge has been met. I have learnt a lot with the process.
I have now fallen for torn fabrics with frayed edges.
Now the challenge of 2019 is about to start!!!


  1. An amazing achievement. I have thoroughly enjoyed your regular posts showing your stitch meditations. A very useful practice, to put aside a little time each day free from distraction to do just one thing. Thanks for sharing your progress.

  2. Congratulations on the perseverance and creativity you have shown in doing your stitch meditations for a full year. It has been wonderful seeing your regular updates.

    All the best for 2019 and your new challenge!

  3. Well done to you. That's is such an amazing effort. It has been a joy to watch your progress. Looking forward to this years challenge