Monday, December 24, 2018

Method In The Madness

This morning was taken up with a tidy of my sewing room.
As I no longer do quilting on a major scale, I have no need for a lot of fabric. Have passed majority of it on to others who can use it. My new interest of paper has resulted in boxes of various types.
 I was given an early Christmas gift (thank you Jeanette for your suggestion of the storage).
As commented while John made it up, "Mr Ikea has a brilliant design strategy".
 The storage drawer set on wheels is from Ikea, called "Alex". Fits perfectly under the sewing trestle.
It holds all my papers for book making and journaling.

 Even my noticeboard received a tidy.
A suggestion was made, perhaps shelving on one side in the wardrobe?


  1. Alex looks like a very useful set of drawers for paper. Everything looks very organised.

    My sewing room is going to have to have a major tidy after I finish all the Christmas sewing. I don't think I can make it look as neat as yours, though!

  2. It is so tidy, barely any evidence of sewing at all! I hope your papers enjoy their new flat storage space, they do not tolerate folding like fabric.
    Like your positive statements on the pin board.

  3. Wardrobes have fantastic space that can be utilised. I have portable book shelves in some of mine. As the books for children have been passed on to others, plastic boxes have replaced the books. They hold toys ,clothes and anything that does not have a home and is messing up the room.