Sunday, December 30, 2018


I have never attempted to grow dahlias before. At rose garden plant swap, I contributed many stalks of rhubarb and was given 4 tubers by one of our members.
He suggested I plant them close together, 2 x 2, so they would have support and as yet have not had to stake them.
I asked what colours and was told..."just wait and see, they are mixed colours".
 These 2 are between the apricot tree and a standard rose.

 These 2 are on the other side of the apricot tree next to the dwarf orange.
This stem has 3 buds.
It will be a trial and error theory, like Bill said, just wait and see.
So far so good.


  1. They have grown well. Much taller than mine so far. It is a bit exciting waiting for the flowers to see what they are like!

  2. They are looking very vigorous and you won't have to wait much longer.

  3. You will have some beautiful flowers soon. Cant wait to see the colours too.

  4. They look healthy and it sounds like you are having fun waiting to see how they develop.