Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Book Binding - Week 9

This lesson was concentrating on Concertina Books. 
Quite easy, though there was a knack to folding the pages to get that crisp edge.
Finally found a small bone folder, my other was too thick and when I scored the card, the plastic started to wear off.

 Week spent doing sketches of door, window and knockers.

Another little concertina book covered in Jamoochi hand felted paper I made at Winter School.
Need ribbon ties added to the covers.
I enjoy Coptic Binding, made this for a gift during the week.


  1. All your interests have come together in one new craft. Congratulations on finishing the course. May you make many more lovely books.

  2. Wow, your concertina book of doors and windows is beautiful!

    This has been a wonderful course. You have learned so much, and made such lovely things.

  3. So happy you have enjoyed the class so much.