Monday, December 31, 2018

Stitch Meditations

 SM 362
Curtain fabric background with added colours of trees.
 SM 363
Japanese fabrics squares.
 SM 364
Soft and quiet colours
 SM 365
Chiffon scarf background.

 My year long challenge has been met. I have learnt a lot with the process.
I have now fallen for torn fabrics with frayed edges.
Now the challenge of 2019 is about to start!!!

Sunday, December 30, 2018


I have never attempted to grow dahlias before. At rose garden plant swap, I contributed many stalks of rhubarb and was given 4 tubers by one of our members.
He suggested I plant them close together, 2 x 2, so they would have support and as yet have not had to stake them.
I asked what colours and was told..."just wait and see, they are mixed colours".
 These 2 are between the apricot tree and a standard rose.

 These 2 are on the other side of the apricot tree next to the dwarf orange.
This stem has 3 buds.
It will be a trial and error theory, like Bill said, just wait and see.
So far so good.

Saturday, December 29, 2018

The Dam is Low

Our weekend drive took us to Walhalla approx 2 hours from home in Gippsland north of Moe. 
The old gold mining town with a now population of 20 was founded in late 1862 where it was once populated with around 4,000 residents. 
 Walhalla Star Hotel opposite the Bandstand.
 Interesting wall of this building, as it is close to the Baw Baw Ranges snow fields it is adorned with snow skis and apparatus.

On weekends, the Lone Piper climbs to the top of the mine to play for the visitors of the town.

 The beautiful old Post and Telegraph building.
 Restored Elliot's Live and Let Live Bakery.
 Collection of old suitcases at the local railway station.
 Interesting local cemetery on the side of the hill.

 The Fire Museum.
 Wild foxgloves.
 The Walhalla Goldfield Railway crossing the Thomson River.
Thomsom River Dam.
In the early 80's when I worked for the Geology department of the MMBW, I was sent for 2 weeks to the dam as it was being constructed. I worked in a little hut at the bottom of the dam drawing the geological plans. Sadly the dam has not fulfilled it's maximum storage. 

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Stitch Meditations

 SM 358
Christmas Eve
 SM 359
Christmas Day
 We had a lovely long day with Emma for Christmas with a dog free Christmas tree.
 Harvey enjoyed the bag more than his new toys.

 SM 360
Boxing Day
SM 361

Monday, December 24, 2018

Christmas Wishes

Merry Christmas and a healthy, safe and happy 2019 to all my friends and their families, near and far across the world.
Many thanks for reading and commenting on my blog.
I look forward to reading and following your up and coming quilting, gardening and new adventures.

Method In The Madness

This morning was taken up with a tidy of my sewing room.
As I no longer do quilting on a major scale, I have no need for a lot of fabric. Have passed majority of it on to others who can use it. My new interest of paper has resulted in boxes of various types.
 I was given an early Christmas gift (thank you Jeanette for your suggestion of the storage).
As commented while John made it up, "Mr Ikea has a brilliant design strategy".
 The storage drawer set on wheels is from Ikea, called "Alex". Fits perfectly under the sewing trestle.
It holds all my papers for book making and journaling.

 Even my noticeboard received a tidy.
A suggestion was made, perhaps shelving on one side in the wardrobe?

Stitch Meditations

Coming to the end of the year.
The small bag of scraps are becoming a challenge with not many pieces left in it.
On some of the SM's I have used the reverse side of the fabrics.
 SM 349
SM 350
 SM 351
 SM 352
 SM 353
SM 354
 SM 355
 SM 356
SM 357

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Summer Colour

I always feel it is summer when the petunias and impatiens start to flower.

 One half of our Double Peach is in fruit.
Not ready for picking as yet.
 Sadly, Salt and Pepper are no longer with us, gone to the "retirement village in the sky".
We have decided not to replace them till after the heat of summer. Their enclosure soil has been turned over, beautiful and rich. We have planted pumpkin seedlings in the space. 
Time will tell if they grow there.
 The veggie garden has grown rapidly after the last week of rain.

Already started picking zucchinis.
Guess what I am cooking for dinner....zucchini slice....and I had to buy eggs!!

Friday, December 21, 2018

A Christmas Wander

A wander through the city of Melbourne.
Hamer Hall
 My favourite building, 333 Collins Street
 Each Christmas I call in to see the tree.
 357 Collins Street
 Optus Centre, 367 Collins Street
 360 Collins Street
 The old GPO in Burke Street
 The Royal Arcade
 St Collins Lane, Collins Street
 Federation Square overlooking St Paul's Cathedral
Bauble at Fed Square
One of our Laneways