Sunday, November 4, 2018

Wandering Through Chinatown

Our morning spent wandering and taking in the sights.
 Chan See Shue Yuen
A clan house in Chinese Baroque architecture and elements of a Chinese temple, open courtyards and symmetrically organised pavilions.

 Old area.
 Built on the premises of the old guild hall of the Selangor & Federal Territory Laundry Assoc.
The cafe serves Southeast Asian cuisine with the appreciation of fine tea and cultural practices associated with drinking it.
Around the corner was a Hindu temple.
Sri Mahamariamman Temple
The South Indian style gopuram (tower) is the tallest structure here, 23 m high 5-tier pyramid-shaped gate tower decorated with depictions of Hindu Gods sculptured by artisans from southern India.

 Guan Di (God of War) Temple
God of War was China's greatest warrior.

 Incense stick burners in front of the main alter.
Incense coils.
 Petaling Street entrance to Chinatown.
 Sze Ya Temple
Designed according to Chinese principles of Feng Shui, it was built in isolation and not in alignment with other buildings around it.
An artisans market, with proceeds going to a children's foundation.
Andrew was selling postcards that you could stamp with hand carved stamps.
He told me that he studied for his Phd in media at Melbourne Uni for 5 years. 
I bought one and chose images of Chinatown.
 Around the corner found these men sketching and painting one of the buildings.
Beautiful work and a lovely chat.


  1. I can see in the Chinese buildings Bonnie's inspiration for the mystery colours.
    I haven't seen spiral incense before. I thought they were light fittings until I read your explanation.
    The decoration on the ceiling of the Hindu temple is beautiful, too.

  2. The decoration on the glass screens at the clan house is so over the top, it's wonderful.
    I was also thinking that you have captured the mystery colours.

  3. I love the diversity of styles in the buildings. The eras, customs, beliefs and cultures add so much to the visual landscape.