Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Stitch Meditations

 SM 319
Stripes and Patches
SM 320
A bit of Africa
 SM 321
Sue chose these fabrics at Guild GTG
SM 322
These fabric colours went together
 SM 323
A bit of Blue and White with Red thrown in.
 SM 324
Upholstery Swatch
 SM 325
Simple Linens and Silk
 SM 326
Oriental Mood
SM 327
I liked these fabrics together
 SM 328
 Watched the movie Space Cowboys
SM 329
Chiffon Scarf fabrics on Linen
SM 330
Orange and Grey


  1. Lovely colour combinations. SM325 is particularly nice with a bit of a shadow effect.

  2. The numbers are getting so high - the year is nearly over! It has been fascinating to see all these pieces. Will you do it again next year?

  3. I do like 322 and 324. There are some really good ideas in this group Jenni.