Saturday, November 3, 2018

Petronas Towers

Situated at the former sight of the Selangor Turf Club, the twin towers were once the world's tallest buildings at a height of 425 m. 88 floors and a glass facade designed to resemble motifs found in Islamic architecture. 
The Skybridge is at the 41st and 42nd level.
 Bank building view from the Skybridge.

Top of Tower 2 from the 84th level.
Solar panels in a quilt design.
Sponsor of Mercedes Petronas F1 racing team.
Currently KL is inundated with motorbikes and followers of the Motor GP Race on this weekend.


  1. What a sight from the top, and the photo is not even blurry. I don't know how you kept a steady hand.

  2. Wow, that would be quite an experience!