Tuesday, November 13, 2018


I came home from my week away to the clothes rack with sheets of my handmade paper drying. They were then ironed flat.  Pleased with the effort, though the onion skin paper did as I expected, dried much lighter in colour. I may be able to trim and cut the sheets in half to make a miniature book from them.

 I was given, by my friend, miniature ginkgo leaves, which were dried and placed on the pulp. 
 After the sheet was ironed, they fell off, though left an impression on the paper.
 Various flower petals and leaf matter cut up.
I placed a strawberry raspberry tea bag paper on the pulp, wondering if the pink would bleed into the paper. It left a brown colour instead, "all in the name of experimentation".

Class 6 this evening, wonder what will be on the agenda??
No class last week due to Melbourne Cup holiday.


  1. The ghostly ginkgo leaf impressions are delightful.

  2. Interesting experiments with impressive results. Ginkgo shape is so prettily preserved.

  3. I love all your different papers. They would look great in a book or to use as hand written letters. Would they fold well into the pages of a book.

  4. I have been to a nearby town where they make Japanese washi from bark fibers. It looks like an exhausting job but the papers are so beautiful. I really like the ginkgo leaf you incorporated.