Monday, November 5, 2018

KL Skytower

Our walk, a short distance from the hotel took us to the Skytower, which stands among the Eco-Forest Park. It is the 7th tallest telecommunication tower in the world and the tallest in South East Asia.
421 m high.
Canopy walk.
Patterned paving of the walkway.
Looking down over the rain forest walk and the 110 years old Jelutong Trees.
There are 2 levels, the top is the Skydeck and then you go down to the Observation Deck.
Looking over our hotel with the square pool, towards the Petronas Towers.
The National Mosque roof view.
View of the tower from our hotel pool.
The patterned wall surrounding the pool.


  1. I can see a great quilt there in the tiling.

  2. Love the scribed trowel work on the pool, has a great hand made look.

  3. The canopy walk through the trees looks nice.

    I've always liked that tiling pattern as a potential quilt.

  4. The Canopy walk looks like fun.