Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Damp Roses

After yesterday's heat, this morning was damp underfoot after the rain at the Rose Garden.
Every time we deadhead a spent bud on the weepers, we were rained upon by the wet branches.

 Looking down the avenue of "Brass Band"

 Over the weekend the Victoria State Rose Garden Show was held.
The attending crowd were asked to vote for the best smelling rose.
1st "Pope John Paul" (white rose)
2nd "Mr Lincoln" (red rose)
3rd "Papamillion" (red rose)
An interesting fact that these 3 roses did not need to be replaced in the vase over the weekend.
All the others did, only lasting one day.

The bees are enjoying "Gentiliana"


  1. The gardens are looking at their best, thanks to your hard work. The first photo is framed beautifully by the roses.

  2. Doesn't it look beautiful! I don't think I have ever seen it with so many flowers open at once. Well done to you and all the other volunteers who keep it looking so wonderful.

  3. In my small garden plot growing up, Mr Lincoln was one of the five roses I grew. My dad hybridised roses to create new varieties and many of those had the qualities growers look for, but that old favorite may have contributed pollen fir many.

  4. So many beautiful flowers. So pretty

  5. Great to grow roses that last more than a day when picked to display in homes.