Saturday, November 3, 2018

A Morning of Walking in the Heat

Due to the torrential rain last night the humidity went through the roof this morning.
No rain during the day, a light shower now as I look out the window.
We caught the free bus to the Botanical Garden area.
Our first sight was the National Mosque of Malaysia. A uniquely designed building that embodies a contemporary expression of traditional Islamic art and ornamentation.  

 The mosque does not follow the conventional Middle Eastern design of domes and arches.
 Robes and headscarves are provided for visitors to dress properly.
 I did not need to wear a robe as I took a scarf and wore long sleeves and trousers.  
 A wedding was in preparation this morning.
 Gifts are presented to the couple.
 Groom's gifts were a cake, chocolates, a new shirt, new shoes, wallet, oranges and foods.
Bride's gifts were a cake, handbag, watch, chocolates, beauty products and foods.
 The main prayer hall.

 Head office of the Railways.
Rear view of Kuala Lumpur train station.
Next on the walk was the Orchid and Hibiscus Gardens.
We didn't get to the lower garden to see the Malaysian national flower, the Hibiscus.

 There are 800 species of orchids and hibiscus.
Last stop was the Central Market for a little Christmas shopping.
 I bought a shopping bag from this young lady.
She hand makes all her bags on her Grandmother's old Singer machine. 
 The Durian fruit is not a pleasant fruit with it's smell and taste, we decided to buy one of their ice creams. We were told only 1% of the fruit in  it, it was delicious and hit the spot with the heat cooling us down......for only a few minutes. 


  1. I think the heat and humidity have been well captured by your camera. The orchids seem to like it though, they are all so beautiful.
    Why am I not surprised that you had a scarf handy.

  2. I am not sure if purple is John's colour. I think he would be more of a blue man.

  3. Those orchids obviously love the conditions. The gardens look wonderful. Of course I love that gold sewing machine!
    Seeing the wedding preparation was special. Little glimpses of different culture like that make travel interesting.

  4. Smells like hell and tastes like Heaven! Durian was banned in Hotels when we went to Singapore because of the smell. Loved the taste though. Glad you enjoyed it.