Sunday, November 11, 2018

A Morning in the Vegetable Garden

We spent the morning turning over and planting our summer vegetable seedlings. 
A little late this year. 
 Melbourne Cup is the date for tomato planting in our garden, missed it by a week.
Zucchini, 6 tomatoes, snow peas, cucumber, spring onions, basil, eggplant and capsicums.
 The beds have been prepared after the onion harvest.

 An early Christmas gift for John. We have noticed after watering the bed, it stays damp with the hut over it. Santa is bringing him a 2 dome hut.
I was given 4 Dahlia bulbs at the plant swap at Rose Garden, they have emerged, no idea what colour and have never grown them before.
My Hydrangea died, I didn't pull it out, cut it back to the base
and it has regrown.
 A new tree was bought today.
 I always plant a hanging pot of Impatiens for Christmas.
Petunia in the hanging pots outside the kitchen window.
These flowers remind that summer is on it's way.
...and brown Iris has flowered.


  1. My hydrangea seems to have died ... maybe in the summer heat ... but I will keep it in place and hope it returns from the soil as well. I remember when the guy down the street was in hospital and no one watered his potted ones ... and he has quite a few ... they all seemed to have died, but now are back and bloomed in the spring. Yours gives me hope too.

  2. It was a good day for it. We did some planting, too. The tomatoes came out of the greenhouse and into the garden. The dahlias were going to be planted but we ran out of space and needed to dig up another area for them. So the dahlia planting will have to be tomorrow.

  3. Great preparations for a bumper summer crop. Plants now need a lot of protection from the many days of extreme heat and that hut looks perfect.

  4. How beautiful. You have some of my favourite flowers.
    Hydrangeas and dahlias. I love them.