Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Paper Making - Week 5

This week's class of paper making was on the agenda. With only 2 mixers to share between 6 students I only made 11 sheets. Happy with what I achieved. Will experiment at a later date.

 Cut up tiny pieces of leaves, flower petals, tea bags and corn husks.
These were added to the mixer of shredded paper to pulp.
When pulped, the mixture was a shade of blue, in the water it lost it's shading and was cream in colour.
 I added some petals to float.

Onion skins soaking.
I added some of the onion water to my tub, turning it to a chicken soup colour of pale yellow.
When dry, the paper will lose some of it's colour and become paler.
Due to Melbourne Cup day, no class next week.


  1. Looks like you will end up with some beautiful papers for your books.

  2. Adding colour using onion skins seems to have brought out the green of the leaves. You must be very happy with the result.

  3. I made paper with kinder kids many years ago - very tedious for them but they were thrilled with the result. You should be too. If John whips up a frame you can make paper to your hearts content at home.

  4. It looks like fun. Some of the products look like they are also used in fabric dying. With your love of papers I can see lots of experiments happening at home.