Thursday, October 25, 2018

Iris Virus

Watching a segment on Gardening Australia, they showed a husband and wife who admitted they had "Iris Virus". Their backyard was nothing but iris and they were a second generation of growers.
I have to admit that I also love the Iris, especially the old fashion Bearded variety.
I have several in my garden.
My traditional dark purple variety, the first to flower in my garden, has finished.

I think this may be yellow.
I also have a two tone brown flower, though I feel it may not flower this year.

The warm weather is approaching and with it comes flies.
 We visited the Talbot market and a front garden had several varieties.

This pot was growing in the main street.


  1. I enjoyed the "iris virus" story, too. I have one similar to your last photo which was open this time last year, but haven't seen it yet this year. I do have a tall blue non-bearded one open, which I think was just starting when you visited.

  2. Such lovely irises. I've always liked their bee runways. Just one of mine is flowering, it is a typical blue. There is a large garden near Maldon that is just about all irises. They are stunning en masse.

  3. My garden has only one iris that shows up in the early spring. I miss that wonderful variety.

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  5. My purple iris are still at bud stage.

  6. I thought that I had dug all of mine up and given them away. However this year quite a few have appeared and the dark purple/blue has flowered. I love them, however, don't enjoy the process of cutting back the leaves after they flower.