Saturday, October 27, 2018


Spent some of the morning harvesting the red and brown onions.
We grow these during winter. Tied them in bunches using quilting fabric.
Won't need to buy onions for quite a while.
 They didn't bulb up as big this year, but big enough for the 2 of us.

 A few of the roses in the backyard. Sadly over 40 years, the labels have disintegrated, I should have written down the names.

 "Red Pierre de Ronsard"
A climbing rose of 3 years, slowly growing taller.

Another of my Iris, this is a small flowering one.
Pepper helping mix some compost while Salt was laying in her hutch.


  1. I think your roses are far more attractive than those onions. Good crop though.

  2. I love all your roses. Make good use of those onions...

  3. That's a nice crop of onions!

    Your roses are beautiful. Still waiting for the first flower on any of ours (other than the two rugosa ones).

  4. The iris is beautiful. Love the mauve roses too. It seems like a fantastic year for roses all over. I've seen them throughout SA and Vic and they must be enjoying the climate this year.