Friday, October 12, 2018

Book Binding - Week 2

Our class is held in the Textile and Dressmaking building of the college.
Saw these cut outs on the noticeboard, made by one of the students.
They were beautiful and very skillfully done.

2nd class.
 The fourth binding taught was Japanese Tortoise Binding.
So called as the stitches look like the shell on the back of the creature.
It is a basic stitch that can have more added between. 
 Learning to make and cover a book.
The extremely thick board is measured up and the piece between the cover is cut out and kept to be used as a measurement piece. 
Many photo albums use this method.
We make our own tools. 2 pieces of board are glued together to to make a measuring thickness template.
As the board is course and furry, the edges are sanded to smooth them.
I have to do this with the shorter piece above.
 I chose red for the cover.
I searched the city for A4 pieces of patterned paper for the inside of the book cover.
It was very hard to find so maybe I will cut out my own pieces from a larger piece.


  1. Those paper cutout pieces are beautiful.

    Would scrap-booking paper work for inside your covers? They are usually 12" square and come in all sorts of lovely designs. A bit like quilting fabric! You would have to cut them down a bit to fit A4 size.

  2. I'm sure you will find something

  3. Bookbinding appears to have a lot of very precise steps. The bold red is a great colour choice and the papers go well with it.

  4. nice article great post comment information thanks for sharing.

  5. Great that you have choices for the papers you can use