Sunday, September 23, 2018

Tiny Sleepy Town Sunday Drive

Talbot, is a 90 minute drive up the highway via the outskirts of Ballarat.
An article was in the RACV magazine during the week, we have driven past the town but never stopped to have a look. 442 residents reside in Talbot, once formerly a gold rush town.
The town is also known for it's interest in astronomy.
 The old railway station is now a trash and treasure gallery.
On display were several stands of old railway tickets that I remember collecting as a child.
The book shop is called "Slightly Bent Books". 

 There are many old buildings with lots of character.
 The main street, called Scandinavian Crescent, was so named for the miners who led the 1859 gold rush.
 Nineteenth-century facades, originally a butchers shop, Phoenix Hotel. Bank of Australasia and the London Chartered Bank.

 A sleepy town during the day but comes to life with over 4,000 visitors on the 3rd Sunday of the month when it holds it's farmers and artisan market. 100+ stalls. Will put it in our diary!!
 Water trough outside the post office.

 Talbot Town Hall houses craft on market day.

Award winning cafe/restaurant, stopped at the Provedore for lunch, a beautiful light meal using the areas produce.


  1. A lovely quaint town... Should be a good day on market day.. Lots on energy

  2. It is funny, as I was reading your post I was thinking that you should go on market day, because Talbot is nothing like sleepy then. Then I got to the bit where you mentioned that! Definitely put it in your diary. It is a totally different town on market day.

  3. I wonder if the bookshop name refers to the books' condition or their content.

  4. What a wonderful look at the history of buildings through the types of properties still there.