Saturday, September 29, 2018

Stitch Meditations

I have taken the word Quilting off my heading.....I don't do quilting in the sense of patchwork anymore, perhaps I have lost interest or my path has headed in another direction. If I use my machine I free motion fabric scraps and paper. 
Hand stitching SM's, is keeping me connected to fabric. As the year is quickly going by, I would like to continue with them for 2019. A few ideas have sprung to mind, 3 inches using only paper or paper and fabric in 2 inches. 
I have always, since early childhood had this "thing for paper". Receive a new exercise book, turn the cover to the crisp new first paper. I guess time will tell where I head.

 SM 266
Linen fabrics
 SM 267
Spring is in the air
 SM 268
Cross Hatched upholstery fabric
 SM 269
Approaching storm during the night
 SM 270
SM 271
A Trifle Abstract

 I covered my small notebook with a piece of weaving I made.
Each day I spend a few minutes doing a little something in my book.

27 September, in memory of our friend Joy.
Jeann and I spent a few hours together, with a date scone, Joy's favourite, a cuppa and chatting.
We didn't mention her but she was in our thoughts.
 Jeann and I miss you dear friend.


  1. Remembering a friend can be in silence. Beautiful work again. Enjoy your journals...

  2. Your notebook is an interesting place, by the look of it.

    I'm glad you and Jeann had that time together, remembering the lovely Joy.

  3. You are being very disciplined in all your work. All very interesting.
    Lovely to remember Joy, such a beautiful person.

  4. With a studio full of fabric I feel a little quilted out'! So, I can understand you. It takes so long to finish a quilt whereas I can whip up something very quickly in my journals. The sense of achievement is almost instantaneous. But, I need to use that fabric and expensive sewing machine so charity quilts here I come - once I have had a play in my journals. I loved seeing your little book. It is a great idea and, as Jeanette wrote, you are very disciplined.