Monday, September 24, 2018

Stitch Meditations

The countdown is on, now into double figures of my SM's.
 SM 255
Self patterned Blues
SM 256
Bearded Iris Season
 SM 257
Marine Brights
SM 258
Velvet and Lace 
 SM 259
Falling Autumn Colours
 SM 260
Orange and White
 SM 261
Hot Pink and Lace
 SM 262
Hand Printed Autumn Leaf
SM 263
Plain, Simple and Green
 SM 264
Fabric from Jeanette and Swaps
SM 265
Log Cabin Inspired


  1. The year is flying by!

    Love all the different colours in this batch.

  2. Oh the autumn leaf has to be my favourite

  3. Your new header picture is so cheerful.