Monday, September 17, 2018

Geelong Gallery

My intentions for this morning started off ok but didn't quite go to plan. My car wouldn't start, called RACV, got it going, the delayed time to get to the station came with both car parks full.
Drove back home, walked to the bus stop and then caught the V/line to Geelong.
My reasoning for the trip was to visit the Gallery to view the free exhibition:

Cuttings—Elizabeth Gower

01 September 2018 to 25 November 2018

Gower recycles and collages remnants of popular culture to create exquisite optical patterns and explore ideas of consumerism and consumption. Her work typically involves cutting up and intricately collaging—onto drafting film, canvas or paper surfaces—collected printed ephemera, packaging material and magazine pages. As we become more urgently cognisant of the degradation of our environment and the social impacts of consumerism and global consumption, Gower’s concerns with refuse, redundancy, recycling and new aesthetics gain greater communicative potential and power.

 The circles in the middle are tyres cut from car advertising.

Kaleidoscopes on jar lids.
I loved this exhibition, it was fascinating.


  1. Thanks for posting about it! It looks very interesting. I will have to go and check it out myself.

  2. What a great exhibition. I really like the controlled use of colour. There are weaving patterns as well as quilt blocks in her geometric designs. Thanks for posting about it.

  3. Wow, that's an interesting display. Those pens and irons are fun...

  4. It looks well worth the visit. Quite a few look like patchwork designs.

  5. What a great exhibition - some fabulously different pieces.

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