Saturday, September 1, 2018

First Day of Spring

It may be officially spring, but it is a cold day with rain.
Some brightness in the garden.
 Tulip bulbs given to me at Easter.

First  Anemone to flower.
 Carpet of Freesias

 My first bearded Iris to flower is always my Mother's, planted in her memory.
 Polyanthus? or Primrose?
 Triteleia Spring Star Light Blue
 One of my hanging pots of Primulas.
 African Daisies.
 Double Peach Blossom 
Double Peach other Blossom


  1. Your garden is looking gorgeous for the first day of spring.

    It is amazing how different our gardens are. We don't have any buds on the tulips yet. No sign of peach blossom opening yet. The irises are only just starting to grow, it will be a long time before they have buds, much less flowers.

  2. I have daisies and blossom on the plum, but everything else is still just getting started. Your garden is well ahead and looking so bright and beautiful.

  3. I love looking at your flower photos. I don't have any in my garden.

  4. Your garden sure is blooming. Maybe it will encourage spring weather. Though we could do with some decent rain.

  5. Wow! You are just bursting with color!

  6. We have that Triteleia Spring Star here, coming up as a volunteer. I never knew it's name as I didn't see it in my Ohio area. Our flowers here tend to bloom one-at-a-time so I might be distracted by all that color and variety.

  7. Spring is certainly lovely in your garden